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  • The Principles of Better Therapy


    Better Therapy is about providing a better therapy experience through higher standards of quality and care. The Better Therapy commitment is a commitment to 5 values I believe will lead to a better therapy outcome and a better overall therapy experience.

    The Better Therapy Commitment:

  • I Treat People - Not Disorders
    Are you worried that your therapist will place a label on you and think you are "crazy"? If so, you will be relieved to know that I view all psychological struggles as human and commonplace. Unlike many therapists who take a medical approach to psychological problems, and may provide you with a diagnosis of a mental disorder, I view suffering from an existential and growth-oriented perspective. This means that I focus on understanding you as a person, in the context of normal life struggles, and relate to you as one person does to another.
  • I Provide Expertise You Can Trust
    When shopping for a therapist, it is important to know that therapists vary widely in their level of education and expertise. By hiring a therapist with a Ph.D. you make sure you are getting a therapist who has the highest level of training on the market. Other therapists may only have a two year graduate degree, but a Ph.D. has a 5 year degree and a much more advanced understanding of research, theory, and therapy skills. So if only the best is good enough for you, choose a therapist whose skills you can trust...
  • I Make Therapy Easy and Convenient
    Why go through the stress and hassle of taking time off from work to see a therapist? I provide weekend and evening appointments, so now you don't have to explain yourself at work or juggle multiple commitments. I am always trying to make therapy as relaxing and convenient for you as I can: Schedule and reschedule your appointments on-line, avoid the annoyance of lengthy paperwork, and pay with credit card if you would like. You won't find this degree of flexibility in most psychology offices...
  • I Help You Achieve Deeper Change
    Many therapists provide short-term surface-level solutions to your problems. They treat the symptoms and not the causes. Why not get it right the first time? I have many years of experience helping people to get to the root of their problems. Using a psychodynamic approach to therapy, I am an expert in helping people gain emotional awareness of the deepest emotional causes of their current difficulties. Rather than providing you with band-aid solutions, I help you achieve change that lasts... Read about the effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy here...
  • I Work for You Even Outside of Sessions
    When you hire me as your therapist, your session fee extends well beyond the session time. Good therapists spend time preparing for sessions and thinking about your issues even when you are not there. I may read books about topics raised in our sessions, or may get insights into your situation when going on a Sunday run. This level of attentiveness makes the difference between really good therapy and your run-of-the-mill treatments. So why not choose a therapist who takes time to think about your issues? It will be worth it in the long-run...
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    Therapy FAQ

    Who can benefit from therapy?
    The short answer is that we all can. We all go through life acquiring some psychological and emotional bruises. We all develop defenses against unpleasant emotions and experiences.  We all experience anxieties, periods of depressed mood, and stressful life events, and we all struggle to form intimate and meaningful relationships. Perhaps the single most important condition for the ability to benefit from therapy is a motivation to examine our life and a desire to change some aspects of it.
    What can I expect the outcome of therapy to be?
    Benefits of therapy are multiple and varied. Clients report gaining renewed access to feelings, increased comfort with themselves and others, decreased symptomatology, and a sense of being more real and authentic in their day-to-day lives. Benefits will increase over time and will vary with your ability to openly do the work and honestly examine yourself.
    What do you charge for therapy?
    Fees vary depending on type of session:
    Individual Therapy
    Couples Therapy
    How long will I need to be in therapy?
    There is no exact answer to this question. Research shows that people start getting better even after the first visit. In general, however, the more session you attend, the greater the benefit. Many people choose to extend the therapy to several months and even years because they find the continued benefits worth the effort...
    I have never been in therapy before: What will it be like?
    The first session will focus on exploring the most pressing issues in your life. I will ask more detailed questions about different aspects of your life and will share my initial impressions. Later sessions will be less structured and will follow the rule of free association, which asks you to speak about whatever comes to mind, without censoring yourself. I will help you go deeper into the different things you speak about and will help you see new meanings and connections that will bring new memories and thoughts to the surface.