Better Treatment of Social Anxiety

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  • Social Anxiety:
  • Are Your Fears Getting in the Way of Living the Life You Want?

    Social anxiety is rooted in judgment of yourself as falling short of some social standard and not being good enough as you are...

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    • Do you find it difficult not to be self-conscious around others?
    • Do you feel strange, awkward, or wrong about who you are?
    • Do you often fantasize about being a different, more confident, person?
    • Do you drive yourself crazy with worries about others not liking you?
    • Do you often feel you have to put on a front when interacting with others?
    • … if one or more of these symptoms sound familiar to you, I have good news: Therapy can help you conquer your social anxiety and develop greater self-esteem!

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  • Better Therapy for Social Anxiety

    Don't Treat the Symptoms - Treat the Cause!
    I help you get to the root of your social anxiety by helping you understand the underlying causes of your symptoms... Watch to learn what I mean:

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    Treatment of Social Anxiety

    Why do I feel socially anxious?
    Social anxiety has many causes. It refers to an anxiety that develops anytime you are asked to show yourself or be yourself in front of others. The anxiety itself communicates a double bind: you feel inadequate if you don't offer yourself, and you feel vulnerable and exposed if you do offer yourself. At the heart of your social anxiety, however, lies a host of unresolved issues related to your perception of social expectations, your past experiences of not being who people want you to be, and your feelings of being inadequate and wrong. These feelings and beliefs have their own unique origins in each person's life, and we must get to the root of things, to fully resolve the anxiety...
    How can therapy help me overcome my social anxiety?
    Therapy helps you get more in touch with yourself and work through past experiences that have created bruises on your self-esteem and your confidence in others. By opening up freely in an environment that facilitates trust, safety, and self-focus, you will begin to access memories and experiences which you may have repressed, and will be able to feel more authentic and secure in yourself.
    What is different about the "Better Therapy" approach to social anxiety?
    Some approaches to social anxiety focus on the symptoms you are experiencing and the thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of feeling socially successful. Although these symptoms are often the reason people seek help, they are only the tip of the iceberg. I help you discover and explore the deeper origins of your social anxiety. Instead of simply zeroing in on social anxiety as a problem, I help you understand your anxiety in the wider context of your life, upbringing, relationships, and past experiences. I believe this more existential and insight-oriented approach will help you develop greater self-acceptance and self-confidence, and will promote change that is deeper and more lasting.
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    Therapy vs. Medication:

    Which is the better choice?
    Although medication is sometimes useful in helping people who feel paralyzed by anxiety, it is often preferable to attempt to resolve one's issues without the use of anxiety medication. Anxiolytics used to treat anxiety can sometimes end up strengthening the belief that one cannot cope on one's own and may ultimately prolong one's sense of being trapped in one's fears. Therapy, on the other hand, offers a natural remedy for your problems and has the added benefit of helping you find greater meaning and purpose in your life.

    The Cost of Therapy:

    Is therapy really worth the expense?
    Therapy can be a big expense, so it is understandable that you might be asking yourself if it is really going to be worth the cost...
    The best way to think about therapy is as an investment.
    Think about the cost of social anxiety to yourself, to your relationships, and to your ability to accomplish the things you want in life. Then compare these costs to the monetary cost of attending 20 therapy sessions, which will amount to little more than an expensive vacation.
    Another comparison you can make is between the monetary cost of relying on medication and bimonthly check-ups with your psychiatrist or PCP, and a year worth's of therapy, which could potentially help you live a life free from medication.
    The question to ask yourself is really: Am I worth it? Do I want to invest in my quality of life and my future? Do I want to treat myself to therapy, just like I would treat myself to Lasik surgery to see better, or a vacation to relax from stress...?

    Effectiveness of Therapy:

    Am I Guaranteed Results?
    Therapy is a highly interactive process. Both you and your therapist are directing yourselves towards something that is not yet known by either of you. As your therapist I am always listening for all the things that have not yet been expressed. This includes subtleties in your language use, body language, emotional life, patterns of events, and ways of interacting. For this reason, the outcome of any therapeutic experience will be different and unique in each and every case. Research shows that most people benefit from therapy, but the extent of change is highly dependent on your own ability to open up and be receptive to feedback. You can read more about the effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy here.
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