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  • How to Know if I Am Depressed...

    Wondering if you are really depressed?
    Here is a list of signs that you may be:

    therapy for depression
    • Have you lost your spark? Does nothing truly excite you anymore?
    • Do you feel empty inside? Estranged from yourself or the life you are living?
    • Do you feel like you should be happy, but for some reason you are not?
    • Do you feel like you have to apologize to others for being bad company?
    • Does everything feel like a struggle, and do you dread facing your day?
    • … if one or more of these symptoms sound familiar to you, I have good news: Therapy for depression works! And you don't even have to take medication...

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  • Better Therapy for Depression

    Don't Treat the Symptoms - Treat the Cause!
    I help you get to the root of your depression by helping you understand the underlying causes of your symptoms... Watch to learn what I mean:

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    Treatment of Depression

    Why do people become depressed?
    People become depressed because they are stuck in some aspect of their life. Oftentimes the reasons you become depressed are not immediately obvious. Although you may be able to attribute your depression to a particular cause such as a break-up, a loss of job, or some other negative event, there is often a lot more to the story. Therapy helps you discover the often hidden reasons why life events have brought you down. You may have become increasingly lost to yourself or out of tune with your emotions, or your avenues for change may have become blocked by feelings of guilt, shame, or fear. Whatever is going on, therapy will help you really understand it so you can become unstuck again...
    How can therapy help me overcome my depression?
    Therapy for depression helps you get more in touch with your inner world and what is really stirring inside. This process of getting back in touch with yourself helps you feel more alive and more in control of your life. By putting words to how different life experiences have helped shape you, you will begin to see yourself within a wider picture. As the meanings and implications of different life events begin to shed light on your present situation, you will slowly but surely begin to feel unstuck again.
    What is different about the "Better Therapy" approach to depression?
    I am a depression therapist in Houston TX. When you choose me as your therapist, you choose to work with a person who sees depression, emptiness, and unhappiness as a natural human reaction to life events. Instead of focusing only on your symptoms, I help you focus more broadly on examining your life so you can truly discover the cause of your unhappiness. Instead of diagnosing you with a "mental illness", I treat you as a fellow human who struggles just like everyone else.
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    Therapy vs. Medication:

    Which is the better choice?
    Therapy has been found in studies to be just as beneficial as medication for the treatment of depression. Unlike medication, it has no side effects or health risks. Medication, on the other hand, often impacts your sleep, sex drive, and mood in unintended ways. It is also highly likely that medication has negative long-term consequences for your brain. Some people report relapsing as soon as they stop taking the medication, and some research suggests that taking medication may make you more susceptible to becoming depressed in the future. Therapy, on the other hand, is the gift that keeps on giving... Not only does it help you find a natural remedy for your problems, it has the added benefit of helping you find greater meaning and purpose in your life.

    The Cost of Therapy:

    Is therapy really worth the expense?
    Therapy can be a big expense, so it is understandable that you might be asking yourself if it is really going to be worth the cost...
    The best way to think about therapy is as an investment.
    Think about the cost of depression to yourself, to your relationships, and to your ability to accomplish the things you want in life. Then compare these costs to the monetary cost of attending 20 therapy sessions, which will amount to little more than an expensive vacation.
    Another comparison you can make is between the monetary cost of relying on medication and bimonthly check-ups with your psychiatrist or PCP, and a year worth's of therapy, which could potentially help you live a life free from medication.
    The question to ask yourself is really: Am I worth it? Do I want to invest in my quality of life and my future? Do I want to treat myself to therapy, just like I would treat myself to Lasik surgery to see better, or a vacation to relax from stress...?

    Does Therapy Really Work?

    Am I guaranteed results?
    Therapy is a highly interactive process in which both you and your therapist set out to explore the as-of-yet unknown. As your therapist I am always listening for all the things that have not yet been expressed or come to awareness. This includes clues revealed by subtleties in your language, body language, emotional life, dreams, and stories. For this reason, the outcome of any therapeutic experience will be different and unique in each and every case. Research shows that most people benefit from therapy, but the extent of change is highly dependent on your own ability to open up and participate in the process. You can read more about the process and effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy here.
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