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Nobody ever taught us a class on how to make relationships work, so we fumble and stumble our way through them and learn a few lessons on the way. Now, Houston couples therapist and psychologist, Dr. Rune Moelbak, teaches us what nobody ever told us. In “The Secrets of Happy Couples”, he explains why relationships begin to fail and what we can do to navigate the many pitfalls.

In the “Secrets of Happy Couples” User’s Guide, you will learn:

  • A new way of understanding relationships that will empower you and take away your confusion
  • The top mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to fight, or drive your partner away
  • A better way to communicate that makes you feel understood without starting a fight or holding back how you really feel
  • 10 powerful techniques to turn negative interactions into moments of greater closeness

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Rune Moelbak

I am a clinical psychologist and certified emotionally focused couples therapist. I am the owner of Better Therapy PLLC, a psychology practice in Houston, Texas.

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