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Couples Insight: A New Blog Exclusively for Couples

At this time I would like to thank all my blog readers who have chosen to subscribe to my psychotherapy blog:

Insight: A Blog for the Critical Consumer of Psychotherapy

What started about a year ago as a therapist’s dream to write about therapy and psychology from a human-centered and philosophical perspective, has grown more popular than I would have ever thought.

Over the past several months, however, I have found myself writing for several different audiences who might not necessarily be interested in the same things.

Every other blog post was directed at couples and was more practical and solution-oriented in focus. The others were directed at general reflections on psychotherapy and specific mental health issues, and aimed at other therapists as well as people interested in individual psychotherapy.

This is why I have decided to create an entirely new blog:

Couples Insight: A Blog about Making Relationships Work

Readers who are interested in more general, critical, and philosophical articles about therapy, life, and mental health, can still find those articles here on the regular ol’ blog.

Those, however, who have more of an interest in relationships and couples concerns, may wish to to subscribe to “Couples Insight” instead (or in addition to this blog). Those blog posts will no longer be posted here on Insight. 

On Couples Insight, I will continue the tradition of bringing you practical articles on how to thrive better in romantic relationships. The idea is to share some of the practical advice and insight gained from my work as a couples therapist and my exposure to the most current ideas in the couples therapy field.

Thank you all for continuing to read my blog posts. I hope to continue to dialogue with you either here on Insight, or on the new blog: Couples Insight. 

Best wishes,



I have finally decided to join the blogosphere. In the coming  years I would like this blog to become a forum for people interested in delving deeper into topics related to life as an existential journey of love and pain, beauty and tragedy, laughter and struggle…

I plan to post on topics that people will find relevant to living life more fully or that will inspire greater insight about themselves. I will be writing from the perspective of a psychologist who spends his working life on journeys with people who show me what life really looks like underneath the surface of pretense and show. I will also be writing as a “thinker” who has published many journal articles in my field and who has made it part of his career to challenge the common sense of his profession and unsettle  the quick and easy understandings we are offered at the cultural surface. In sum, my audience is not the person looking for a quick psychological fix, but the person who is a critical consumer of therapy, and knows not to mistake the menu of cultural ideals for the meal that is life. So welcome, and please check back soon…